Villa In the English Collegiate Style

THIS plan was designed for ROBERT DONALDSON, Esq. of Blithewood, on the Hudson River, to whose taste and aid, in selecting designs, the public are mainly indebted for the present publication.

The design is irregular, and suited to scenery of a picturesque character, and to an eminence commanding an extensive prospect. The dimensions are 60 feet in front by 30 feet in depth; and the side 50 feet by 20 feet, forming an L like figure, as in the plan. The octagon tower is 50 feet high; the turrets, one on each angle of the front, 37 feet, and the battlement 32 feet. On the right is shown a wing building, intended for a library; and on the left, the kitchen offices, wood, and coach-house. The floors are divided, as shown by plan. A picture gallery might be formed over the entrance hall, and receive its light from the oriel window above the porch; or the same might serve for a library, in which case the wing building would accomodate a collection of pictures.

Construction.— This house should be built of stone; or brick stuccoed in imitation of stone, having marble or light coloured free-stone trimmings. The bay-windows, and oriel, of wood, painted and dusted with pulverized marble, or grained in imitation of oak. The entrance porch might be either of stone or wood. The battlements, and gable, with its crockets might be of wood, painted to match the stone, as well as all tracery in window frames, bays, and oriels.

Estimate.— Built of split stone, or brick, stuccoed, with cut stone trimmings and the upper part of the prospect tower of wood, $12,000.

Built of wood, with the foundation and steps of stone, $8,000.

American Cottage Floor Plan

Alexander Jackson Davis, Rural Residences, Etc., New York, 1837; Web Edition Copyright © 2002 Sarah E. Mitchell