An American Cottage

This design is simple, economical, and adapted to the American climate. It is two stories high, with a garret loft. The porch, or loggia, may continue quite round the exterior, or stop at the dotted line; and the apartments of the first floor may be extended so as to include the loggia space. Thus: the space A may be included in the kitchen; and the space B in the opposite apartment. D, on the kitchen side, might be used as a pantry; and D, on the other side, as a bedroom; and C would serve as a porch. The boldly projecting bracketted gable is an essential part of this design.

Construction. — Frame and covering of almost any kind of wood, hemlock, or pine; well seasoned, and boarded vertically, with the edges tongued and grooved; and the joint covered with a fillet. The gables have barge boards, or brackets, under a boldly projecting roof. The loggia posts have coved brackets on three sides, which form a capital of a novel and picturesque character. Accurate detailed patterns should be furnished by an architect, as guides to the workmen.

Estimate. — This building may be completed as above specified for [$]1,500.

American Cottage Floor Plan

Alexander Jackson Davis, Rural Residences, Etc., New York, 1837; Web Edition Copyright © 2002 Sarah E. Mitchell