Gate-House in the Rustic Cottage Style

THIS building has been erected in Dutchess County, near Barrytown, on the Hudson River, as a gate-house to Blithewood, the seat of R. DONALDSON, Esq. Its prominent features are the rustic porch, bay and mullioned windows, high gables, with ornamented carved vergeboards, and the chimney-shafts. The form and size of the mullion is of considerable importance in giving the cottage window its peculiar character. The bay, or projecting window, and picturesque chimney-tops, are also distinguishing features in this style of building.

If this design should be adopted for a summer retreat, it may be much improved by enlarging the porch and windows.

Construction.— The foundation and basement is of stone. The superstructure is framed, and it is boarded vertically. The plank is tongued and grooved, with a fillet or batten covering the joint, as shown in print. The porch is of cedar boles, with rustic trellis balcony. The roof projects boldly, and is covered with shingles cut to the angle of a hexagon, which geometrical figure is formed when the shingles are placed. Verge-boards with pendants adorn the gables. The whole exterior is painted and grained in imitation of oak.

Estimate.— This gate house complete, cost $1200.

Editor's note: The gate-house is no longer standing. For information on an archaeology dig held at the site, see Blithewood archaeology.

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Alexander Jackson Davis, Rural Residences, Etc., New York, 1837; Web Edition Copyright © 2002 Sarah E. Mitchell.