Villa in the Oriental Style

Villa In The Oriental Style

THIS design is termed Oriental (East Indian) from its veranda shades, the window lintels, and eaves' ornaments. The central part is two stories high, with an attic in the wings, receiving light from the roof.

Construction.— Foundations of stone. Superstructure of wood, brick, or stone; the roofs tinned and painted a bronze green; cornice of wood, with the semicircular eaves' ornament of the same, or of thin metal. Windowframes and sashes, if within a stone wall, light and in imitation of bronze. If a framed house, the sashes should be oiled or grained in imitation of some rich wood. The vernada on both sides of the house, might be of metal or wood, bronzed. A terrace should be constructed on the sides, raised about two feet above the surrounding earth, and have pedestals, for vases or tubs with aloes, or some exotic plant or tree, at the angles. The awning on the right in the print, may have a metal frame, and canvas covering, and be portable. The settee on the left may be had of cast iron at the Cold Spring foundry, near West Point, on the Hudson River. The scale on the print is proportioned to the plan, and must be doubled for the elevation.

Estimate.— Of wood in all parts but foundation and steps, $3,500. Of stone, and metal, with plate glass, $6,000.

Oriental Villa Floor Plan

Alexander Jackson Davis, Rural Residences, Etc., New York, 1837; Web Edition Copyright © 2002 Sarah E. Mitchell