Village Church

THIS design is in the English Decorated, or third style of Pointed Architecture, vulgarly called Gothic. The dimensions are figured on the print. The building is elevated on a terrace. The base has a single tablet, except in the projecting part of the tower, which has two tablets. The buttresses are set diagonally, and are of two stages, with set-offs, sloping to the wall, and are battlemented at the summit. The battlements of the tower has small intervals, (machicolations, or embrasures,) with horizontal capping. The side, rear gable, and sloping walls below, are coped. The belfry window is of three lights, trefoil and cinquefoil headed, supporting a Catherine wheel, rose, marigold, or other ornamental figure. The openings are filled with lufferboards. Over the door, small window, and belfry window, are drip-stones, or labels, with plain returns. The side windows have a central mullion, with two lights in a plain lancet arch, with drip-stones. The front door, windows, and woodwork of interior, are imitation oak.

Construction.— The above church is executed in a plain manner, with few deviations from the above description, for Christ Church, at Belleville, New Jersey, with native split free-stone, and cut stone steps, and trimmings. The belfrey contains a chime of eight bells.

Estimate.— The cost was about nine thousand dollars.

Village Church Floor Plan

Alexander Jackson Davis, Rural Residences, Etc., New York, 1837; Web Edition Copyright © 2002 Sarah E. Mitchell