Front Elevation, Ornamental German House

Design for an Ornamental German House

by George E. Woodward, 1877

Side Elevation, Ornamental German House

This design is in the ornamental German style, which is well adapted for a country house, and admits of being used for houses of almost every size and cost. Here are ample suggestions from which a large variety of designs can be made to suit any purse.

House built in wood and stone will cost about $8,500.

Notes by Sarah E. Mitchell

Large numbers of German immigrants were coming into the United States in the years following the Civil War. This design may have been published to especially appeal to the new citizens. (Portions of some house design books of the late 1800's were even printed in German.)

To my knowledge, the ornamental German style did not become widely used, though examples can occasionally be found in the United States. The ornamental German style does bear some resemblance to the Stick style, which did become much more popular.

The house design was published in George E. Woodward, Woodward's National Architect, Vol. II. Containing Original Designs, Plans, and Details, To Working Scale, for City and Country Houses, The American News Company, New York, 1877, reprinted as George E. Woodward, Victorian City and Country Houses, Dover Publications, 1996. Digital editing of images by Sarah E. Mitchell.

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