Interior of the Whitney House

New York City, New York

McKim, Mead, and White, interior designers

Whitney Staircase

Whitney House Staircase. Note the large palms to the right. A tapestry appears to be hanging on the wall to the left. Heavy draperies are hung to the right, either over a doorway or window opening.

Whitney House Hall

Whitney House Hall. Perhaps a Jacobean or Elizabethan design is being executed in this room? It has a medieval feel to it.

Whitney Dining Room

Whitney House Dining Room. This room features a similar ceiling to the one in the hall [see above]. Murals appear to have been painted on hte walls.

Whitney Drawing Room

Whitney House Drawing Room. This room appears to favor Louis XV and Louis XVI designs.

Whitney House Library

Whitney House Library. A very large mantle is featured in this room (note the sofa size in contrast).

Pictures from Harry W. Desmond and Herbert Croly, Stately Homes in America: From Colonial Times to the Present Day, D. Appleton and Company, New York, 1903; digital editing by Sarah E. Mitchell. Text by Sarah E. Mitchell unless otherwise noted.

Copyright © 2003 Sarah E. Mitchell