Bathroom Designs, circa 1904

Modern Bath (by 1904 standards)

A Modern Bath

A good example of modern bathroom, with porcelain fixtures, marble wainscotting, tile floor and simple accessories.

Sarah E. Mitchell: Look at how closely crammed together the fixtures are! Bathrooms today do not usually have all the fixtures on one wall.

A Shower-bath

A shower-bath.

A shower-bath with porcelain basin and marble back in continuation of the wainscotting.

Sarah E. Mitchell: This is an interesting design. I am not sure how the water was to be prevented from splashing out of the bottom of the shower; it looks like there may be a partially tile floor, so maybe the original builders were not sure either!

Small Bathroom

A Small Bathroom

Portion of a small bathroom showing a handy shower bath and a serviceable lavatory and mirror.

Tasty Tile Wainscotting


Portion of a bathroom showing a simple and tasty tile wainscoting.

Sarah E. Mitchell: "Tasty" tile wainscotting!? I'm not sure what makes it tasty, but it is attractive to look at. The wainscoting ends at a height deemed high enough to prevent splashing from ruining the walls.

Pictures from Chas. Edw. Hooper, writer, and E. E. Soderholtz and others, illustrators, The Country House: A Practical manual of the Planning and Construction of the American Country Home and its Surroundings., Doubleday, Page and Company, Garden City New York, 1904, 1905, 1913, pp. 214, 215, 218, 224; digital editing by Sarah E. Mitchell. Text by Chas. Edw. Hooper unless otherwise noted.

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